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About Us

If you have employees, you need HR. Maybe you need to recruit an employee for a critical position. Or you just received a notice from a state agency and aren't sure how to respond. Maybe you need an employee handbook. Or a system to house your employee data. That's where we come in.


We know you don’t speak HR. And you don’t need to. We know what all those confusing HR acronyms like ADAAA, COBRA, EEOC, FLSA and FMLA mean, and we can make sure you know what they mean for you and your organization.


We partner with you so that you can focus on meeting your business goals. Allow us to leverage our extensive knowledge of federal and state laws, regulations and HR trends to develop and ensure that your company’s policies and programs are competitive, compliant and communicated effectively. We have proven HR programs, qualified HR professionals and help you keep costs contained.


We offer custom packages or monthly retainers, depending upon your organization’s needs.


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